Manhattan Coffee Table

I had some spare time so I started making this coffee table. I called it the Manhattan coffee table because its small cubes represent a diverse »

Holosphere 4 - steel

The final version of the holoshpere. Dimensions are 15 ft x 15 ft. There is a version 3 of identical scale but wooden construction. Specifications are »

Save the Rhino's donation

Please chip in what you can, our goal is to buy a thermal camera for IAPF. Savaing one Rhino at a time via direct action. »

What if every photon is entangled?

An entangled photon pair, once observed will effectively change or modify the second photon. I.E if there are two photons that are entangled : for example »

A sphere, a gate and a perfect mirror

What would happen if you had a perfect sphere, and the inside of the sphere was covered with a perfect mirror? A perfect mirror functions by »


The "Pendullum light", as it rotatates and is balanced at this angle via the pendulum structure. I wanted all elements wood, steel and rock in the »


Design and built by me taking around 3 months of single and dual person labor. Some small componenets were 3d printed for the library mainly the »

Detailed Python machine learning text classification walkthrough

I will highlight step by step how to implement a Machine Learning classifier to categorize natural langunage, in this case our we worked with cosmetics products »


Balance Alp in picture for scale »


Lalina, Co-founder, CTO (2011-2014) Co-founder of a Brazil focused vertical cosmetic/fashion search engine and price aggregator Designed and implemented crawlers for Brazil's major e-commerce sites »

Three essential things I wish I knew about Django early on

Knowing these three tricks would have saved me countless hours. I hope you find this helpful... 1. Class based generic views Long story short, writing function »

Holosphere 2

This is the second iteration to the holoshpere exactly 1:5 times larger than version 1. The holosphere's purpose is to render 3D images via concentric »

Python NLP data normalization

There are tons of data cleaning utilities, and one day if there is an extended lib that covers each one in an independent function I will »

SSL setup with Nginx and django

If namecheap and SSL certificate authorities valued your existince on earth they would make this easier, but they do not, so that is why I wrote »

N-gram feature extraction for python nltk

Lately machine learning (ML) is a hot subject and every time I meet with a startup they drop all the hot machine learning catch phrases. In »